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Your publication in a rich e-edition format. The vEdition (e-paper, e-edition, flip) is a simple and profitable digital publishing solution that is designed to increase engagement by having eye-catching format, intuitive navigation and a lot of enrichment. This easy-to-use platform is trusted by over 1000 brands.

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Your very own digital library. The vKiosk is a white label micro-site dedicated exclusively to your brand, that is designed to centralize, archive, organize, and share current publications and back-issues. vKiosk can help generate even more revenue with a dedicated place to display your inserts and supplements.

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Follow your readers wherever they go. The vApp empowers publishers to reach and inspire consumers, especially now that readers have the flexibility to read anywhere at anytime. Get the most intimate communication channel with your readers with your own branded Apple iOS or Android application.

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vNews for Newspapers

vNews is the next generation digital newspaper.

An affordable, simple and powerful digital newspaper solution that can be integrated into your existing production workflow immediately so that your readers can start enjoying your publication from any device.

Official launch in 2016

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What’s an e-edition?


e-Edition \ih-i-ˈdi-shən\ noun

The electronic edition of a newspaper, magazine or other publication, which can be read on a computer or mobile device. The digital edition is consistent in character and editorially homogeneous with the print edition.(1)

At Virtual Paper, we call our e-edition format “vEdition”.

The vEdition consists of the e-replica (from a PDF file), which will be presented in the e-reader.


Flipper, Flip Book, Digital Edition, Digital Publication, Electronic Edition, Electronic Publication, eReplica, ePaper, eBook, etc.

Source : (1) Alliance for Audited Media. Digital Edition, December 9th, 2013.

What’s in it for you?

High Performance Format

More Page Views per Session
30-40 pages
For a weekly and a daily newspaper (vs. 2.4 on website)
Which represents 64% of the publication

More time spent with the brand
+15 minutes
Visit Duration, for 40% of users

We have listed 8 reasons to partner with Virtual Paper:

  1. Save time & effort with the Integrated Workflow
  2. Full control and autonomy over your digital publications, with the Management Platform
  3. Engage your audience with an optimized User Experience
  4. Increase your reach with our distribution tools, and multi-device compatibility
  5. Insure a high Content Discovery and a lot of Time Spent with your Brand, thanks to the storytelling format
  6. Gain behavioral insights with our advanced Statistics
  7. Generate new revenue with Ad Placement
  8. Protect and respect the DNA of your newspaper and your brand

What explains that high performance?

“Once Upon a Time…” : The Power of Storytelling

There are two types of online behaviors – they both coexists for the same individual, and are complimentary

1 Search Mode

  • When a user wants to quickly pull specific information from a website, he is in the “Search Mode” behavior.
  • On newspapers’ website, snippets are great for an overview, however they do not engage the user: Results show viewing of 2.4 pages in average per visit, within 5 minutes.

2 Laid Back Experience / Storytelling

  • Those same users, during different times of day, will have the mindset to be entertained, inspired, and to discover more content that will be push to them.
  • Whilst in that “Laid Back” mood, content with visual cues in familiar format is receivable by users.
  • The storytelling also fulfill the need for completion: reading from beginning to end.
  • That’s when the e-Edition is used for its fullest potential.
  • + Tablets strengthen the STORYTELLING experience.


“It is a pleasure to work with Virtual Paper. The e-Edition is very clear and user friendly. When required, I have been given efficient and timely product support. Virtual Paper takes good care of its clients and makes sure to listen to feedback and integrate it into their new products in development.”

Caroline Desmarais

The Royal Gazette

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