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On Virtual Paper, data is generated each time you interact with a virtual product. As such, when you visit a page on Virtual Paper, you generate data. Based on your choices and actions, Virtual Paper can send you the information necessary so that your device can display your chosen content. Virtual Paper’s functioning is based on this data exchange. Without this exchange, the network cannot exist, and therefore Virtual Paper cannot exist.

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We have implemented measures to protect the personal information that we collect in accordance with the Privacy Act, 1983, such as encrypting passwords and using secure protocols (HTTPS) for any communication containing personal information.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your web browser that help save data about your habits on Virtual Paper. For example, a cookie may contain a unique number that is assigned to you. This number can be used to identify your browser, but without identifying you.

Managing your online experience by managing cookies

Your data is valuable, and we believe that you should decide which data you want to share with us. You can use the tool below to enable or disable certain cookies. However, cookies that are essential to use our virtual products cannot be disabled.

Before downloading cookie-blocking software, please be aware that these tools will prevent certain Virtual Paper products from functioning as intended and from functioning altogether in some cases. If you block cookies, some content may not be displayed and some functions may be disabled, such as localization, searches, registration, login and commenting.

Disabling cookies

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To find out more, visit the relevant page for the browser you use:

If your browser is not on this list, please visit your browser’s website.


The list of cookies is likely to change. Our products are constantly being updated, so it is possible that cookies are removed or new ones are added.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies collect information about how users browse our websites. The data is used to analyze and improve our product functions.

File name Description
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Used to analyze the performance of our content and
understand user behaviour.

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Dialog Insight OFSYS_Visitor_* Used to analyze the performance of our content and
understand user behaviour when they visit via our

Data anonymization

Analytical data is anonymized so that a given person cannot be identified. Actions carried out on our products cannot be associated with a person. Data anonymization consists of modifying the content or structure of data so that it is very difficult or impossible to “reidentify” individuals.

Secure connections

Virtual Paper encrypts all communications containing personal information. This means that data sent is encrypted to ensure it remains confidential when it is exchanged between your devices and Virtual Paper’s products and services.