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V-Paper: seamless integration into any digital production process

V-Paper: seamless integration into any digital production process

As algorithms demand constant production of rich, engaging content, companies need to optimize their production processes. Real cornerstones of digital marketing, intelligent content creation and data analysis are now imperatives for a quality online presence. 

A distribution tool like V-Paper enables its customers to offer a modern content consultation experience, while providing them with rich data to continually improve their performance. What's more, V-Paper integrates seamlessly with other technological tools, such as product information management (PIM) systems, automated content production systems, digital asset management (DAM) systems and analytics solutions. Finally, V-Paper now offers a publication optimization tool powered by AI. These integrations enable V-Paper to offer a complete and efficient solution for the management and production of the digital communication assets of the brands with which it collaborates.  

The importance of a PIM 

The PIM serves as the backbone for managing and updating your assets. It enables you to ensure that product data is consistent, accurate and up-to-date across all distribution channels. By integrating an online content delivery solution with a PIM, companies can:

1. Centralize Product Data 
2. Accelerate Time-To-Market
3. Customize Content 

Starting your PIM? You can use the publications available in V-Paper as a rich source of product information. Your marketing, sales and support teams can pull information directly from the PDFs for use in their activities.  

A complete library of assets

DAM is essential for managing multimedia files, such as images, videos and documents. Effective integration with V-Paper enables:

1. An easy organization and access to assets: connecting with a DAM makes it easy to set up hotspots enriched with multimedia content.  
2. An improved workflow efficiency.

Comprehensive analytical solutions

Our V-Track solution lets you measure the impact and effectiveness of V-Paper content. This solution offers you a dashboard with real-time data. As a result, you can draw trends, insights and a stronger understanding of user interest in your publications. 


Finally, we offer the integration of an intelligent conversion tool, enabling you to develop smart assets to amplify conversion. This feature enables us to make each object unique and easily traceable and measurable. 

Start your transformation 

By choosing a publishing tool open to other digital platforms, such as PIM and DAM, and offering complete analytics and AI-powered optimization solutions, you can develop a holistic approach to content management, creation and distribution. Not only does this integration enable you to improve the efficiency and consistency of your digital publications, it also enables you to offer a personalized and engaging user experience, while providing valuable insights for data-driven decisions. By adopting V-Paper, you ensure that your business remains competitive in an ever-changing digital environment. 

To learn more about the benefits and features of V-Paper, please contact our team for a free demonstration.